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Impol Inotechna d.o.o.

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The quality of our design, production, assembly and services has earned the trust that is being shown to us over and over again by our partners' orders.

Address of General Manager  

Impol Inotechna has been realizing its mission for decades now; namely, to satisfy customers' demands on every occasion using all our knowledge, qualifications and top technological equipment. The success of this mission is evident by the prominent but stable growth of our company, the extensive and continuous training of our personnel and continuous investment in technology. The latter enables our company to design and produce the most demanding industrial equipment for more onerous markets in the world.

We distinguish ourselves with adaptability, expert consulting, top design and production of desired industrial equipment. With internationally tested team for the most demanding assemblies, we are qualified in implementation of the industrial equipment into our customers' production processes. The quality of our design, production, assembling and services has earned the trust that is being shown to us over and over again by our partners' orders.

For the management of the company and its employees this trust presents a commitment to increase knowledge and the quality by continuous training, regular investments into the technological equipment and its connection into the modern information system. Not only do we follow but often we also dictate the standards regarding the production of industrial equipment.

Impol Inotechna, which successfully operates on the most onerous markets with centuries-long industrial tradition, is known as a company with an open view of the world. However, we also strive to strengthen our relations with the local environment. This is especially evident in our care for environment, that is in our rational use of energy resources and water as well as strict treatment of industrial waste materials, the latter being subjected to the rigorous environmental health legislation of the European Union.

All this confirms my belief that the management of Impol Inotechna along with its personnel, their knowledge and creativity, is more than qualified to justify the trust of our customers on every occasion. Moreover, we wish this trust to grow and to strengthen. This will ensure the constant growth, quality and competence of our company on the global market.

With respect,

Ivan Strašek, B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering