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Impol Inotechna d.o.o.

Partizanska 38
SI 2310 Slovenska Bistrica

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We distinguish ourselves by adaptability, expert consulting, top design and production of desired industrial equipment.


Impol Inotechna is a renowned company for designing and producing investment equipment with an industrial tradition dating back to year 1825. As a company that has been exporting most of its production into onerous markets of the European Union for as long as three decades now, we are bound to constantly improve the quality of our products, assembling and services. With our knowledge and employees' qualifications, top technological equipment and adaptability, we can satisfy even the most demanding requirements of our customers. With our environmental devotion, we strive for the rational use of energy resources and try hard to contribute to a clean and healthy natural environment.

We operate successfully bearing in mind that the answer to the growing demands of our customers lies in a company which is directed towards the development and future, which provides the healthy and stimulative working environment for the employees as well as takes care of sustainable development. We are also devoted to realizing customers' expectations in future.