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Impol Inotechna d.o.o.

Partizanska 38
SI 2310 Slovenska Bistrica

T +386 2 80 50 320
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  The quality of our design, production, assembly and services has earned the trust that is being shown to us over and over again by our partners' orders.  
Employees' Qualifications and Organization  

The company has more than 100 employees, namely 85 qualified workers (i.e. locksmiths, machine operators, welders, workers dealing with pipes, hydraulics) and more than 15 graduated and highly qualified professionals. Our personnel has plenty of experience in the production of machines, devices, stoves, steel constructions and possess the knowledge in the fields of welding, machine treatment, assembly and construction, hydraulics, pneumatics, drive releasing and testing of devices with the possibility of fluent communication in Slovenian, English, German, Croatian and Serbian language. These enable a perfect realization of the customer's wishes.

More than 100 employees are organized into the following sectors:

Technical-Production Sector
Marketing-Sales Sector
Service for Quality
Purchase Sector
Financial-Accounting Sector

With their extensive experience the employees in Impol Inotechna ensure the complete service concerning the production of machines, devices, stoves and constructions as well as operate the system of control and ensure the quality. Our company has its own team with wide working experience who specialize in carrying out the assembling. This is a guarantee for a reliable assembling and start-up of investment equipment on the desired location.

Some of our most experienced co-workers are constantly employed abroad, where they deal with assembling and start-up of equipment supplied by Impol Inotechna.